Sunday, October 26, 2008

State Tournament

We had a fun four days in Boise watching Ben play soccer. We stayed with my parents and it is always wonderful to be with them. They are always so gracious to put up with our comings and goings. I don't think soccer is their favorite sport, but I thought it was nice they came inspite of their aches and pain

The first game was against Timberline. It was the first time IF had faced an organized attack and the first time playing on turf rather than grass. Turf creates a faster game and a bouncier ball. They beat us 2-0, but I think if we played them a second time we would win. However the first round loss put us in the Consolation bracket. The boys were disappointed and bothered by their second loss of the season.

The second game, an elimination game was against Eagle. IF came out and scored a quick goal and that deflated Eagle. We beat them 2-0. It was their best game of the season. Interestingly Eagle beat Timberline twice during the regular season.

The consolation championship was against Coeurd'Alene, the other team we lost too in the season. It was a hard fought battle, but IF won 2-1. Northern Idaho teams have a tendency to be very physical and that proved true in this game.

Two of Ben's jobs as right defender is to throw the ball in from the sideline when the ball is bumped out and to take the kicks the clears the ball into the offensive half.

David was the got some nice actions pictures of the games. It is really quite hard to get good shots. Here he is with his coat of many colors. It was a bit cool for the 9:30 games, but warmed up beautifully by the end of the game

It was most fun having Jenn and Richard with us to enjoy the games. They were most supportive and excited for the games.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Ben's soccer team qualified for the State Tournament in Boise this next week. It is a double treat for us since mom and dad live there and we can see them. The tigers ended up 14-1-2 for the regular season. The final qualifying game was one of the most intense games I've experienced in quite a while. They finally beat Skyline 1-0 by scoring a much needed goal with only 10 minutes left.

Clearing the ball.

Incoming header

Throwing the ball in bounds.

The defense was not going to let the ball get behind them, all three are trying to get the header.

Getting tangled up.

Cool jackets!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Accapella Choir Concert Last Night...

...was fabulous, both the boys and girls sections were split into 4 singing parts each; now I have to figure out how to tranfer the video to the computer so you can enjoy it too, but meanwhile isn't Ben handsome in his tux!

From almost Empty to Full

So the adjustment to almost an empty nest for me is relieved for a few months: Jenn and Richard moved here last week, while Richard tries to find employment. Richard came in last Tuesday afternoon and Jenn followed Thursday night as she had to finish up at a job in Boise. She is working part-time for Vance at Rosetta. Richard is tapping into all resources looking for a job, plus he is helping me explore ideas on how to get my Diet Manual online. There is much more to that process than I thought.

(Looking at this picture reminds me that Jenn and Richard were engaged 1 year ago on October 19th.)

David came home from Provo last night while he finishes the mission paper process and earns a little money in the meantime. I do enjoy having my children home and will treasure the moments as I know it will not last long.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bathroom Blog

I have noticed that when my grown kids come home to visit, my bathroom is where everyone likes to get ready. The girls bring their make up and contact stuff and organize it on my counter. Now mind you there are 3 other bathrooms in the house; it must be the size of the bath room, as it truly is the largest master bathroom in any of the homes we have lived in. I could fit a love seat in there with an area rug. I've wondered why a builder would make a bathroom so large, but I have decided it is so we can brush our teeth together.
Hold it!
It is not what you think. I had just finished cutting Ben's hair and he took off his shirt 'cause it was so itchy. Melanie turned around as she was folding clothes while watching conference and this is what she saw. He actually has shorts on, but this picture does look suspect.

Wrestling with a Witch

Dave, Melanie and Carson were here this weekend for Conference and applesauce (but the apples were not ready). We (Grandma and Grandpa :-) took care of Carson in the morning to let Dave and Mel sleep in a bit more. Carson usually gets up between 6:30 and 7 AM and we were partying way to late on Saturday night for that early hour. But Ben has to deliver Sunday papers by 7, so we were up anyway. To keep Carson entertained, we took out our Halloween witch Vance bought years ago. The witch was thoroughly examined and explored by the time he was done: he talked, tasted, and scratched as he got acquainted.
This was my favorite picture, it looks like he is kissing her, but he is actually biting her nose.
Then I pulled out the plastic pumkin and placed it about 2 feet from Carson to see if he could reach it. Smart kid, he first pulled the blanket towards him, inching the pumpkin closer, then he rolled, scooted, screamed and talked his way there. I think crawling would be faster, but at 9 months, he has not discovered that tool yet. Watch out when he does, as he is still pretty mobile.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008