Monday, November 17, 2008

Video Clips from Armenia

Sister Fager sent a some video clips from Armenia, these 2 were my favorites.

Catching a Chicken

Armenian Baking

Monday, November 3, 2008


Fall has been absolutely beautiful here. Pictured is the 2-year old red maple in our front yard.

Monday for FHE we carved our traditional jack-0-lanterns. We tried a u-pick place, but the pumpkins were green and moldy, so we headed to Albertsons and bought pumpkins for $4.99 each. Vance and I teamed up on a witch pumpkin, Richard and Jenn carved. David and Ben did their own creation.

Jenn and Richard helped with a church trunk or treat and dressed up as tigers (costumes Richard's mom made). David helped decorate the trunk and dressed up as "Monte the Tiger Tamer" and made a whimpy whip to keep the tigers under control. We had more trick or treaters than normal, perhaps it was because of the mild weather. It has been a beautiful fall.