Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ben's Blog

Ben decided he wanted to set up his own blogspot. Check it out There is also a link with the other family links.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Birthday to Remember

My Birthday Roses from Vance

Yesterday was my 50th birthday and it was such a nice day, it actually had been an lovely 3 days before. My parents called and wanted to come over for the "celebration." Dad felt like he could try freeway driving after a couple of years of poor eyesight (oh the miracle of cataract surgery!) They arrived Thursday night. Jenn also arrived Thursday to help with Sarah's wedding. She had originally planned to leave early Saturday morning, but decided to stay an extra day to play. I was so grateful Richard was so generous to share (he had to take a test Saturday and could not make it). She helped fix me a birthday salmon dinner, then we played hand and foot with grandma and grandpa.

The boys did not have school on Monday, as it was parent-teacher conference. It was a laid back day and I simply treated myself to reading a book and then fertilized flowers. The boys took me out to Johnny Carino's Restaurant. I love the rosemary lemon chicken. We came home and had Roro's over for angel food cake and strawberries. Then it was a push to edit David's senior thesis project. He has spent hours on researching and writing the paper. We worked feverishly until about 10:30. Then Vance handed me a folder that contained letters from my children and siblings . I was quite surprised and was anxious to read the notes. I was very touched as I read the letters. It is has been a rough few months in many ways, with lots of questioning and doubts about myself. The expressions of love and confidence in me were overwhelming. It meant more than can be imagined.

The birthday cake. This actually was Vance's birthday cake that Katie and I made, but it fits the category, so why not. The small berries on top are huckleberries! yum.