Thursday, May 8, 2008

David and Brandon on to State

David and Brandon took 4th place in Districts by beating the Twin Falls number 1 team twice, the Madison number one team but just missed beating Skyline number 1 in 3 sets . They are a very talented team when they pull it all together. They can arguably play with anyone as long as they dont get down on themselves. They are also very well liked by many of the other teams. Brandon has a great sense of humor and David even though temperamental at times on the court is a very good sport and is very friendly to his opponents and his teammate , just not his racket. The State tournament will be in Boise one week from tomorrow, so back to Boise we go to finish out Davids very fun High School Tennis career.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Commencement Dance

This was Ben's first guy ask girl date. He asked Lauren Avondet to prom. That should be the name of this dance. I'm not sure why IF calls it commencement. To me, commencement means the beginning of the year, but it is tradition here.

Ben rented a tuxedo for the occasion, my did he look handsome!

He had some great coaching from big brother on how to treat the ladies.

There was a group of 4 couples. They planned a lasagna dinner at our house. The assignments were doled out amongst the guys. Katie created a partition between our living room and kitchen. The table was decorated tastefully with candles and of course there was music playing in the background

"Irre," short for irresistable, was the head waiter, with his capable assistant Katie.

Everyone had a great time.


Spring time is the season for school tennis. David is playing #2 boys varsity doubles with Brandon Walker. He and Brandon played together the last third of the season last year and ended up going to state. They have high expecations this senior year. He has really improved his game this year and it is fun to watch.

Last week we went to Boise for the Capitals Tournament, which David and Brandon won the consolation spot (lower bracket) last year. They ended up making it to the semi finals in the upper bracket. They should have won, but lost a match in the semi finals. It was most disappointing.

Here is Brandon serving and David at the net. Brandon can have a killer serve. Usually the strongest server serves first. Brandon usually goes first, but David is the stronger server. So it really surprises opponents when David smokes them in.

David usually plays the backhand side. I always hear him referred to as the big kid from IF (Idaho Falls)

Can you guess whether or not they won this point??

Districts are this Tuesday and Thursday. This is the set of matches that determine whether or not they go to state. Go Team!