Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Love the Summer in Idaho Falls

I know I complained bitterly about the long, hard winter in Idaho Falls - it has been a trial of my faith after the Boise mild winters. However, the summers here are absolutely glorious. My kids always tease me about my garden and flowers as I am learning to love gardening with all it's symbolism and beauty. The perennial and annual flowers flourish in the temperate weather. While Salt Lake and Boise are sweltering in the 90's, Idaho Falls stays in the lower to mid 80's. PERFECT! I want to enjoy every minute of the summer, because winter will come again and I will remember these pictures.
A Begonia in front of Hostas. The Hostas this year are as big and green as ever.
This Dianthus plant is in the front and can be seen all the way down the street with its brilliant neon pink color. I don't think a blossom failed to bloom on this plant.

Moving In, Moving Out, and Moving On

This last weekend was busy one with moving David into his dorm at Hertiage Halls for a summer adventure and helping Richard and Jenn pack a truck and trailer to move to Boise for the beginning of a career. Provo has always held so many wonderful memories for me and I love that each of my children have had an opportunity to live there (I am speaking in the future tense for Ben - but he is a BYU Cougar through and through.)
Jenn was so organized having everything packed and cleaned; since they are moving in with Grandma and Grandpa Gabrielsen, she had it figured out which things to store for awhile, and which things she needed immediately, and what section of the truck/trailer to pack.
A bird's eye view most of the crew when the loading was done. Richard and Jenn had lined up Dad, Ben David, Dave, John (his brother), and a couple of friends from work. It was an efficient crew and the deed was done by about 9:30 AM after an 8 AM start.
Richard closing the door for the last time at apartment #316.

David got more than he bargained for with everyone help him move into Heritage (except Katie :-) (See Melanie's blog -link to the right side of this page for pictures and a write up of his move and other fun things about our weekend)

Monday, June 16, 2008


I loved the Memorial Day weekend when my parents came over from Boise and Jenn, Richard, Dave, Melanie, and Carson were her for Katie's farewell. We played games, we sang, we cleaned, we ate, and we enjoyed each other. It's sad to know that it won't happen again for awhile with Katie on a mission, but I am sure Heavenly Father will make it up in other ways. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

We played the dice game and even made up our own rules; Hand and Foot and Settlers of Cataan where also on the agenda.

Katie and I spent a few hours the week before making cookies and rolls to feed family and friends after church on Sunday

This is one of my favorite pictures of some of my favorite people

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

WANTED. $10,000 Reward

Actually this is Katie's passport picture, not a wanted poster. It is a requirement that teeth cannot be shown in a passport picture

David is is Graduated - Phew!!

David graduated for Idaho Falls High School. I think we were all glad it was over. David wouldn't let me take a picture in his cap and gown, so this is the best we could do. We celebrated by bowling and then David went to the all night party and won a TV. He also won a scooter, but left before it was announced, so he missed out. (The winner had to be present.)

The accapella choir sang a beautiful song. I'm not sure where David is in this picture, it might be like finding Waldo.

Katie and I didn't end up bowling, but we were the #1 fans.


My it has been a month since I have done a blog. It has been so busy getting Katie ready for a mission. Here are pictures from her 21st birthday a month ago. She requested Vance's infamous barbecued salmon, an trifle angel food cake, and go figure a salad.